The $50k/month Funnel Swipe Files & Templates - Darius Lukas
Want my exact funnel that I use to make $50K/month, including my email sequences, Facebook ad templates, landing page copy, and video scripts?

Copy it, throw it into ChatGPT and ask AI to rewrite it for your own project!

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My $50K/month Funnel Swipe Files & Templates:

  • Onboarding Email Sequence
  • 2x Upgrade Email Sequences
  • Story-Driven CTA Emails
  • Facebook Ad Templates
  • Sales Page Template
  • Upgrade Video Slide Deck Template
  • 5 About Page Templates
  • Quick BIO template


  • Upgrade Sales Email Sequence Training
  • Onboarding Email Sequence Training
  • VSL Training
  • Sales page training
  • The Killer About Me Page & Story Training
  • Quick BIO training
  • Q&A sessions